Revell Control Junior RC Transporter Review


Reviewed by David Savage

With Christmas fast approaching we were asked to try out an item from the Revell Control Junior range of remote control vehicles. The Junior range of RC toys are suitable for younger children from age 3 years + (although the manual says 8 years +, so there is some slight confusion).

The Revell Control Junior range of RC toys consists of 4 vehicles; Crash Car, Fire Brigade, Crane Trolley and Transporter. We had the Transporter for review and the twins (age 4) were both looking forward to playing with it.

The RC Junior Transporter is a truck that transports construction vehicles. Before we could race it around the living room, we had to build it. It comes with 6 parts to assemble the RC Transporter (including figure), 6 parts to assemble the truck that is being transported (you have a choice of two parts for the back), 2 spare wheels, stickers to affix to the Transporter and remote control.


Assembly is extremely easy – the pieces fix together, like a well-known brand of building blocks, so it is extremely easy for young children to do (no tools required, although you will need a small screwdriver for the battery compartments). The assembly manual shows pictures of where to place each piece and is straightforward.

Once assembled, it measures approx. 19cm (L) x 16cm (H) x 10cm (W). All the stickers then need be added to complete the look of the Transporter. To use, it requires 4x AA batteries installing in the transporter and 1x 9V block battery in the remote control. There are even LED lights on top that flash on and off (can be turned on/off by pressing a button).


Now that it was assembled we were ready to race it around the room. Being the adult, I obviously had to show the kids how to use it so got to play first! The control unit is an easy to hold steering wheel and has buttons for forward, reverse, left and right. It is very easy to control and the Transporter moves around the room quite fast. We did have a slight problem of it not moving in a straight line, it kept veering to the right, but there is a steering trim adjustment to adjust the wheels (this can take a few goes and patience to correct but is very simple to do by moving the trim left or right depending on which way you need to adjust).

Now that the boys were free to play they enjoyed every minute of it, especially driving it into things to make pieces of the Transporter fall off (they love putting it back together again).

This is a great beginners RC toy that children can easily assemble/disassemble and is very easy to control. As I already said, they especially like driving it into the wall, skirting and chairs to “crash” it and make bits fall off. Despite all the crashes, nothing has actually broken and it seems very robust and durable.

The boys love this and are always smiling and giggling when playing so is a big hit.

A quality and fun remote control vehicle that we can highly recommend.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £24.99

Revell Control Junior is available from all good toy and model stores, Amazonor for details visit


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