Risen: Battle for Darracia (Book 3) by Michael Phillip Cash Review


Reviewed by Helen Wyatt

Risen is the third in a trilogy of books “The Battle for Darracia” by Michael Phillip Cash. If I am completely honest then I struggled to get through the first two books (Schism and Collision), and the third was not much better; I think however that my struggle with the first 2 books influenced my reading of the third book.

This story concludes the tale about how the 3 species on the planet Darracia are split, and the planet is close to breaking point; V’Sair must work out how to unite everyone to bring the planet back to harmony.

Whilst I struggled with the style of this book again – the language is fairly formal, the sentences are short and don’t tend to flow – I did enjoy the actual story more than the previous book. There were disappointingly a number of spelling mistakes again however looking past that the climax to this trilogy of fantasy sci-fi books was quite enjoyable. There is much less blood and guts than the first book (a good thing!) and much more exploration of the thoughts and feelings of the characters.

So overall I enjoyed this book however the style of writing wasn’t really my “thing”.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £7.99 (paperback ISBN: 9781499242676)

Available to buy from Amazon in paperback or Kindle format here.

4 Star

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