Rivetz Stealth Fighter Review


RivetzStealthFighter1Rivetz Stealth Fighter
3D Construction Activity


Reviewed by Lisa Lambert and Jack Procter

We were chosen to review the Rivetz Stealth Fighter much to my son’s delight who is 6. He loves aeroplanes especially fighter planes and army aircraft.

When we first looked at the box we thought oh no not another build it yourself this is going to be interesting, however we were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to follow the instructions and put it together. The set comes with a full set of instructions and plastic rivet gun and rivets which can be used to construct and deconstruct the stealth fighter which I thought was really good as it allows him to take it apart and store and rebuild at a later point should he wish.

The instructions are very easy to follow and each piece is identified using letters and number and you just follow the steps and numbers in the instructions folding the pieces and fastening together with the rivet gun as you go. There are 48 steps to build the finished model. Once built the Stealth Fighter is 500mm (50cm) long and can be displayed on a shelf, played with and does come with instructions to suspend from the ceiling and display.

The guidelines from the instructions advise for ages 8+ but as you will see my son is 6 and he loved every minute of building it but did require some help I would imagine had he been slightly older then he would of built this alone no issues so the guideline I would say is right but this makes a great family activity if you wanted to do something together.


Size of model when built: 50cm (length) x 42cm (width) x 14cm (height)

Rivetz do other items as well some of which are listed below and I will certainly be looking to purchase some more for my son as he really enjoyed building this one and it was great one to one time for us as well.

  • Rivetz Dragon Card Sculpture
  • Rivetz Dragon
  • Rivetz Racer

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £14.99

Available to buy from Interplay UK here.


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