ROCCAT Khan AIMO Gaming Headphones Review


Reviewed by David Savage

When having to wear earphones I really do prefer the in the ear kind rather than the over the head kind, as I find over the head headphones bulky, cumbersome and usually uncomfortable. So when I was given the opportunity to try out the ROCCAT® Khan AIMO Gaming Headphones I wasn’t entirely overjoyed – that is until I put them on!

The ROCCAT® Khan AIMO Gaming Headphones are a Hi-Res Certified Stereo Gaming Headset. They are an over the head set with built in microphone and are the most comfortable pair I have ever used. They feature an inbuilt 7.1 sound card (24-bit 96kHz DAC sound card for no noise) that delivers 7.1 high resolution sound (precise surround sound with rich highs, mids & lows) and have passive noise cancellation (work great even in the nosiest of environments).

The earpads are made from really comfortable memory foam, so it doesn’t matter how long you are wearing them they really do stay comfortable and without irritation. The earpads (when in use) feature RGB illumination and cycle through a combination of lights (they have a 16.M colour lighting engine with effects and presets). The earpads also swivel for a better fit.

The headset itself isn’t very heavy (although it is also not too light either, so it does stay on your head), it weighs approx. 275g. The headset is easy adjustable on slides easily on the steel sliders. The controls for volume and mic are located on the right earpad and are easy to use.

The microphone is fixed to the headset and cannot be removed but it can easily be moved up/down and isn’t so close to your face that is obtrusive. When in use, the microphone picks up your voice very well and is clear and understandable for other listeners. The only thing with this microphone is that it doesn’t feel substantial.

Unlike a lot of headphones, the connection is USB rather that phono making it very easy to plug into your games console or laptop. And while it is a wired set (not Bluetooth) the cable is a generous length of just over 2 metres.

Overall, these are an extremely comfortable set of gaming headphones that also produce quality sound through the earpads and clear sound through the microphone. They are lightweight, easily adjustable (headphone band and earpads) and just sound great.

For serious gamers these would make a great Christmas gift as they are extremely comfortable to wear and sound great. The microphone while sounds great is a bit cheap looking and cannot be removed but does work very well.

I have never used headphones that are as comfortable as these before and they really are great for extended wear while gaming. They are also great at cancelling out external background noise.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £119.99 (available in black or white)

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