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RockinBabySlingPeacock Johnny Sling

Reviewed by Jenny Bray

This sling arrived in a sturdy bright orange cardboard box with a picture of a sling in use on the front and the back detailing the impacts of slinging and that Rockin’ Baby donate a sling to a mother in Haiti for every sling bought. Inside the box was the sling, a thank you card (for donating a sling) and a safe practices instruction manual with pictures detailing how to do the main carries.

The sling pattern I received was ‘Peacock Johnny’ which is a lovely white and blue pattern on one side and plain navy blue on the other side with navy rings. It is quite small when folded so can easily be popped in a (large) changing bag for use when required. It has a handy pocket at one end which is big enough for a cloth nappy and some wipes. If using disposable nappies you can also fit your keys, phone etc… in this pocket. If using it for a quick trip, risking not taking nappies and wipes, then it will fit your wallet, keys and phone in so eliminating the need for a separate bag. The pocket on mine was on the patterned side but with the plain side material when I would have preferred it to have been in the pattern so it blended in.

They do a variety of different prints and plain slings. You’d be hard pressed not to find one, or more likely a few, designs you like from their choice. I think that it’s great having a nice pattern on one side and a plain material on the other. My experience of trying to get my husband to babywear is that he’d rather have something plain so I think the plain side will help encourage more potential babywearing Dads to try it out than if it had been patterned on both sides. It also helps you match your sling to more outfit choices!

I love that these slings are available through Mothercare and are affordable. The majority of slings that are available through high street stores are ones that don’t hold your baby in the most ergonomical position. This sling does and they advocate in their leaflet that your baby should be ‘kissable and visible’ and highlight how to carry your baby safely, which is really important when babywearing. The actual wearing instructions in the leaflet are fairly minimal so, if you’re new to slinging, it’s advisable to check out their website and YouTube videos to work out how to put it on properly.

Ring slings are a long piece of material with one end stitched around two rings and you then put the material around your body and thread the material through the rings, looping it into place over one shoulder. They are ‘one size fits all’ so suitable for all sizes. It is suitable from birth to 18kgs so is versatile for use with small babies right through to the toddler years. I use slings regularly but hadn’t tried a ring sling before. As with any sling, I found it required a little practice and a few attempts to get it into a comfortable and safe position. As the sling is double sided cotton I found it quite tricky to adjust the material in the rings once your baby is in the sling. The sling is also quite stiff when first out of the packet and needs a few washes to soften it up a bit for more comfortable wear. This is pretty standard for most slings though so I knew to try this. Once I’d sorted this I found it quite comfy and Seth was happy in it. As I have a heavy baby and it’s only over one shoulder I didn’t find it as comfortable as some of my other slings so I wouldn’t use it for long periods of time. I think its best suited to quick ups and downs for short lengths of time carrying e.g. a quick trip to a shop, the school run, doing tasks in the house etc…

I love the ethical side of this company and that they are enabling Haitian or Kenyan mothers to use slings via their ‘Mother to Mother’ mission. As part of the mission they also teach the mothers about the benefits of babywearing.

I’d recommend this sling for quick ups and downs rather than extended wearing.

I therefore rate this sling 4 out of 5.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £59.99

Available to buy from or

4 Star

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