Rockit Rocker Review


Reviewed by Bharti Patel

This is a product every new parent must put on their ‘to buy list’. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have had a sleeping baby and thought to myself I need the buggy to keep moving so I can just stop walking, well the inventor of the Rockit Rocker has been one of these parents too! That is exactly what he has come up with, a way for your buggy to keep moving safely allowing you to stop and the baby to stay asleep, genius!

When I saw the video of this product I was super excited about trying it but had my doubts if it would work. The product is relatively small and emits low-level vibrations mimicking a moving buggy but not as strong as walking over pebbles. It attaches to your buggy via a strap making it universal to any buggy or pushchair, and it is shaped like a funky rocket. You can buy additional straps so you don’t have to keep moving them off the buggy and can have one on a car seat or grandparent’s buggy and then use the rocket rocker on any of these. The design looks quite ‘cool’ and is quite clever as the button is integrated into the design as the nose of the rocket. It attaches simply to the handle bar and can be slipped off to be stored away when not in use. The rocket rocker is silent, showerproof and pretty sturdy, it requires 4 AA batteries which gives you approx. 60 hours of rocking time. The rocket rocker has an in-built 30-minute timer at which it shuts off but can be restarted as required.

So, the important bit, does it work? Over a week I tested it 4 times, once at a restaurant and once in the park whilst my toddler ran around, once in a supermarket queue and once in a coffee shop. My first test was at a restaurant, unfortunately my 5-month-old baby was not asleep, but I thought I would try it to keep him calm whilst we ate. It didn’t seem to help so this made me think it wasn’t that great after all but wanted to try it again.

The next day we went to the park, full of loud children on a pretty windy day. My baby had fallen asleep as we walked around so I attached the rocket rocker and switched it on. My baby slept not only around the park whilst I left the buggy standing still and I pushed the toddler on a swing and helped him around the park with the buggy nearby, but we then went onto to have lunch at a pub where the football was on tv and managed to eat a meal and the baby slept through all the noise of cheering through goals being scored. He slept a total of 2 and half hours of me not moving the buggy much! This is unheard of as he wakes as soon as we stop moving. My suspicion is that is needs to be used on a sleepy or drowsy baby. I tried the rocker in a supermarket queue and again the baby was quite happy in the buggy even though he wasn’t sleeping. Unfortunately, it didn’t work in the coffee shop but I think that was more about his mood then the product, babies are unpredictable of course so this was to be expected.

I did find that placing the device on the handlebars when using the car seat and the adapters didn’t work so well, it worked better with the pushchair itself but suspect with a bit of trial and error you could find a better place to attach the rocket rocker when using the car seat for it to be effective.

The Rockit Rocker is relatively new and was being launched at the Baby Show at Olympia in London which is where I picked mine up from. I had the opportunity to meet the inventor and was informed it will be available in John Lewis, Babies r Us, Mothercare, to name a few places and at the RRP £39.99.

So, would I buy this baby gadget… YES! Would I recommend it… YES! I think this would be a perfect gift as it is not too expensive but will give the carer of a baby a chance to take a break once baby is asleep in the buggy. I will be recommending it to everyone I know with a baby, I believe this gadget is going to save my sanity when we go out and I won’t be leaving without it!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £39.99

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