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Reviewed by Hayley Ludlam

I was recently sent some products from the Romney Marsh Wools Indulgence toiletries range, I received a bottle of shampoo, bath and shower gel, soap, hand wash and hand and body lotion. Everything needed for the bathroom to keep me nice and clean.

The Standard Shampoo (£6) comes in a 150ml bottle. It has a nice smell and left my hair feeling soft and shiny. It lathers up well. I would have to rate it 4/5.

The Standard Bath & Shower Gel (£6) comes in a 150ml bottle. This also has a very nice smell. Gives plenty of bubbles and leaves skin feeing nice and refreshed. I would have to rate this 4/5.

The Hand Wash (£12) comes in a 240ml bottle with a pump. Again this also have a nice smell. It leaves your hands feeling clean, refreshed and doesn’t dry your skin out. I would have to rate this 4/5.

The Soap comes in 3 sizes (guest, hand and bath; £1.50 – £4). I found this to have an acquired smell. Leaves your skin feeling soft. Doesn’t dry out your skin like other soaps. I would have to rate this 3/5.

The Standard Hand and Body Lotion comes in a 150ml bottle (£6). This has a nice floral smell. Feels a little bit sticky when you first put it on your hands but this feeling soon disappears. It then leaves your skin feeling light and moisturised. I would have to rate this 4/5.


Overall I enjoyed all of these products with the exception of the smell of the soap. All are made with lanolin which is the natural fat that occurs in wool.

Rating: 4/5

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4 Star

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