Roy Chubby Brown 2013 Tour Review


Roy 'Chubby' Brown
at Bedford Corn Exchange

Reviewed by Felicity Lees and Martin Allaway

We have just got back from a fabulous evening watching Roy 'Chubby' Brown at the Bedford Corn Exchange! My jaw is still aching from laughing so much!

As we were watching an evening show we were able to park in the nearby car park for free which was a bonus.

The venue itself was a lovely old building set in the heart of Bedford. It was very clean and welcoming inside and out so made our visit very pleasant.

We were greeted at the door by some lovely staff who pointed us in the right direction of the show. On sale outside of the auditorium were are variety of merchandise for the show including signed copies of one of his books which we thought was a lovely touch!

We found our seats which were situated right in the middle of the tiered seating so we had a brilliant view, however looking around, as the venue was rather small we would have had a good view where ever we sat I think which was good. The ceilings were lovely and high and the room didn't feel 'stuffy' at all despite its size.

The only criticism I could give about the venue is that you couldn't hear the announcements on the tannoy that were being made, due to the music that was being played inside the venue and no one thought to turn the music down so we could hear!

Before the man himself came on stage he had a support band who were obviously very talented, but as there was still lots of hustle and bustle with people finding their seats throughout their performance so it was very hard to concentrate fully on them.

Roy himself was absolutely hilarious! From start to finish he was spot on! I loved how he included the audience with the singing of all the choruses of his classic songs and kept us all entertained and humoured throughout! And what made it funnier is that we could all relate to what he was saying!

This is definitely a show for adults only and if you are easily offended in any way shape or form, then this show would not be for you but If you can be open minded to Chubby’s humour then you are guaranteed a great night!

Well done 'Chubby'! Even after 40 odd years in the business, you still know how to make the audience love you! I could never tire from watching this man and we would definitely love to see him again!

We would give this a 5* rating as it definitely deserves it for the venue and the act as we enjoyed both very much.

Rating: 5/5

Roy Chubby Brown is on tour until October, for more details visit

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