Salter EK3131 Espressimo Barista Style Coffee Machine Review


Reviewed by Nia Lock

As a coffee lover I’m always keen to try out a new coffee machine and was looking to buy one for Valentine’s Day as I always find good coffee is essential for a romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast. The Salter Espressimo barista style coffee machine uses ground coffee beans which you can buy ready ground, or you could grind whole ones yourself if you have a grinder. It arrived in a sensibly sized box without too much unnecessary plastic around it.

The machine is quick and easy to assemble, and the instructions are straightforward. I unpacked the machine and washed the recommended parts by hand as they aren’t dishwasher safe. The Salter Espressimo looks quite smart in my kitchen and I think it looks more expensive than it is. I was ready to begin.

The water reservoir was simple to fill using the carafe and the coffee measuring scoop is a nice shape and has a useful tamping tool on the end to press the coffee down in the funnel. This also makes the scoop stand nicely on its end which I liked. It’s a compact machine and it’s not very weighty so I did find the funnel part a little tricky to attach; you need to hold the machine still while you do this.

The Salter Espressimo works differently to other coffee makers I’ve used in that you switch it on and then the coffee doesn’t start to come out until the required internal pressure is reached so you have to watch it to make sure you don’t accidentally make a long black when you were intending to make an espresso.

I found the milk frothing attachment to be as effective as any similar sized one that I’ve used before and the foam had a nice consistency.

For such a reasonably priced machine I thought this did a good job and although I wasn’t able to make a super espresso with it, the lattes were good. The machine comes with an impressive 3 year guarantee.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £59.99 (at time of writing £34.99 on Amazon).

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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