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PerfumeFactoryPerfume Factory

Reviewed by Madison Baker (age 10)

I was really excited when my mum told me I had a parcel, I wondered what was in it. I wasn’t disappointed when I opened it to see it was a perfume factory making kit from Science4you!

On the box it said that it was a perfume factory and 13 experiments. The box was colourful and looked fun and exciting, I couldn’t wait to open it. It says that it isn’t for children under the age of 36 months but I think it’s not for people under the age of 4 (but my mum thinks that’s so I don’t have to let my little brother help!).

When I opened the box I found an assortment of liquids, test tubes, a mini measuring jug but my favourite were the pair of safety goggles and gloves… which I put on immediately. I noticed an instruction booklet which I opened straightaway to see what I could make.

I decided to make my 1st perfume, firstly I had to read the checklist to see what I needed and figured out that everything with a * next to it meant that it was included. My mum and dad wished I figured this out earlier as I kept asking for things and then didn’t need them!

I had to choose a fragrance… I chose strawberry, after that I had to cut off a piece of the scented strip and put it in the syringe, then I put water in and squeezed it into the measuring cup. I then put the scented strip to one side and took a cotton ball. I then got a little confused on what to do next but I soon figured it out. I had to put the cotton into the syringe and pour the perfume into the syringe, I had to hold the syringe over a test tube and squeeze, and there it was… my very own strawberry perfume. In the booklet it says that the perfume is to wear on clothes and not on the skin. I couldn’t wait for everyone to smell my creation.

I would recommend this to girls my age, it was easy to do and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. I really enjoyed making the perfume and I can’t wait to get started on the other experiments, which include:

My Secret Perfume, Primary Colours, The World of Colours, Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, Bubbling Salts, Scented Foam, Instant Foam, Crazy Dough and Scented Gel.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £19.99

Suitable age: 8 years +

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