Silentnight Bounceback Pillows Review


Reviewed by Colin Hewitt

I was recently sent, by British online retailer, a set of four Silentnight Bounceback Pillows (in fact, it was a set of six, two extra ones were included, as part of a free offer)., based in Liverpool, was established in 2009. Before this they were branded as ‘Littlewoods Direct’ – therefore they have a foundation based on catalogue home-delivery services, which has led naturally to a successful online company.

The items arrived promptly, compressed tightly into a single plastic package about the size of two regular sized pillows. I was pleased to see that an adequate, but not over-enthusiastic, amount of packaging had been used; something that annoys me with some online home-delivery companies. After opening, the ‘super-springy fibres’ soon took a huge sigh of relief and bounced back to regain their original shape, and size.

These incredibly lightweight pillows fitted easily, and comfortably, inside a standard size pillowcase. I found them very soft (quite easily meeting my expectation of ‘soft touch microfibres’ as declared on the manufactures packaging). They were light and very comfortable, also, unlike some pillows I have tried, I found that my head didn’t get too hot overnight while sleeping on them.

My work regularly takes me away from home, so I have experienced quite a few hotel pillows over the years – both good and bad. These Silentnight pillows not only met my expectations, but they felt as though they were a far more expensive item.

In addition to their comfort, and if you’re interested in the technical stuff, the pillow cover is made from 10% Polyester Microfibre, while the filling is 100% hollow fibre. They are Hypo-Allergenic. The pillows are made in Britain, and are machine washable, at 40deg C. As would be expected, they meet the furniture and furnishings (Fire)(safety) regulations of 1998.

I think these would make an ideal gift for anyone setting up or refreshing their home. Hey – Valentine’s Day is coming up, why not surprise your partner with an alternative gift? Although (unless you know your partner’s expectations exceptionally well) for safety reasons, it might be prudent to place something slightly more romantic on top, or underneath the pillow.

I would highly recommend both and the Silentnight pillows.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £25

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