Sizzling Pubs Southfields Bolton Review

Sizzling Pubs
The Southfields, Bolton

Reviewed by Samantha MacKenzie

We took the family to The Southfields in Bolton, part of the Sizzling Pub group on a Saturday evening.

The building is beautiful, with ample parking. Our visit was in rainy December, but it looks like a lovely place to relax on a summer’s day, with nice outdoor space.

The staff were really friendly and helpful. The pub interior was really well kept and well presented. So it all made for a good first impression.

The menu offered all the traditional pub meals, and a few modern twists, everything was very reasonably priced. The children's menu is well thought out and really well priced. During the week there are a lot of promotions and deals.

We ordered two steaks, a grilled chicken and two children’s meals.

Everything arrived really quickly, which was impressive as the pub was quite busy. The food was lovely, the only problem for us was the platters. The steaks and chicken arrive on these incredibly hot platters, which sadly meant that the rare steak had continued to cook on the way to the table. The platters were also not the best to have around the younger children. The staff addressed this really quickly, brought us plates and took the platters. Though it is a lovely method of presentation, I would prefer to have been given the option of a plate initially.

The food was lovely, my youngest is a fussy eater and she ate a lot.

Couldn't ask for better for the price. The dessert was an enormous treat.

Between the five of us we had three giant 'Mega supercurlycrunchielistic – choccaberry sundaes' and the awkward older daughter had her own children's ice-cream. The desserts were now so fun, it became a challenge that really brought the family together!

The facilities at the pub were all clean and well maintained, the baby changing area was locked, but staff were easy to find. There is even free wifi.

Everything is how you'd want it at a family pub, especially the prices.

The food and drink, even the beer is well priced, the five of us thoroughly enjoyed a night out together, two course meal and drinks all for less than £60, which is money so well spent.

We will be returning to The Southfields.

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