Skip Hop Duck Hooded Towel Review


Reviewed by David Savage

My, nearly, 4 year old niece loves water, baths and animals so she was absolutely delighted with the Skip Hop Duck Hooded Towel. She loves the bright yellow colour, that is has a hood with a duck face and wraps very easily around her.

The towel arrived from Maguari very well presented with a ribbon around it.

It is quite a large bright yellow towel, measuring 89x89cm, with a hood on one corner with a smiling duck face and is 100% cotton so is nice and soft and according to my niece “warm and snuggly”.

Once out of the packaging my niece couldn’t wait for her mum to put her in the bath later so she could wear the towel.

So later that evening she had her bath, quicker than normal as she usually stays in quite a while playing with the water and put her new towel on. It wrapped around her very easily and the hood covered her head nicely. The tail part of it was a bit on the long side but it wasn’t too much of a problem as she wasn’t tripping over it.

The towel is very absorbent and the hooded part was great for drying her hair.

She now insists on having this towel after every bath so needless to say it has now been washed several times and is still and good and soft as new. She has also been using it a hooded blanket whenever she can get away with it!


So while at £18.50 for a child’s towel I feel it is quite expensive but think it is good value for money as it is 100% cotton, soft, absorbent and lots of fun and keeps her nice and warm after her bath especially with the hood keeping the warmth in.

And if you don’t like ducks it is also available in Frog, Owl and Monkey designs so that you can build your own towel zoo.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £20

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 half Star

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