Snow, White by Keith Austin Review

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

I am a huge fan of supernatural fiction so was delighted when picked to review Snow, White by Keith Austin.

John Creed is the school misfit thanks to his stutter and scarring on his face from a childhood accident in which he lost both parents.

He was brought up by his very eccentric grandfather Mordecai in a run down high rise tower block flat.

John hasn’t many friends due to his appearance and keeps himself to himself to try and avoid the school bully Caspar Locke and his crew of cocky young lads.

A fellow classmate by the name of Fyre King suddenly takes a real interest in John and the two find themselves growing close to each other which proves fruitful towards the end of the story.

As the story goes on you begin to feel for John as his family don’t have a great deal of money and as a result John uses his weekends to go pick-pocketing with his only friend Davey, a scrawny little weed of a boy but also an excellent thief!

I won’t tell you much more as I don’t want to ruin the story for you but on John’s 13th birthday everything he has known is turned upside down and the bad dreams John has been having for many years come back to haunt him in a very frightening and bloodthirsty way.

The story is cleverly written and brings a fairy tale element into it but also a very dark side with blizzards, wolves, murder and sparrows (yes sparrows)!

Without a doubt I would recommend this book and I am off to order another book by Keith Austin called Grymm after reading a sneak peak in the Snow White book.

The story is very easy to follow and really does draw the reader in and leaves you wanting more and more!

Keith Austin has really done his readers proud with Snow White and is a fantastic author!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £8.99 (Paperback) / £3.99 (Kindle)

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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