Squeaky Clean: Bathroom Design Ideas For The Most Hygienic Bathroom Possible


The bathroom is where we go to make ourselves fresh, clean and ready to face the world. But you need to make sure that your bathroom is clean in itself too. It should be a room that you wouldn’t be ashamed for strangers or friends and family to enter. A large part of maintaining a clean bathroom is down to cleaning routines and products. There aren’t strict routines about how often you should give your bathroom a thorough clean. However, your bathroom should be cleaned regularly due to what goes on in there. Certain fixtures require more attention than others. You should give your bathroom a thorough, deep clean once a month. However, when it comes to showerheads, you will only need to soak them about once a year to remove limescale and deposits. Besides a good bit of elbow grease, there are other measures that you can take to ensure that your bathroom is as hygienic as possible. Most of these are down to your choice of bathroom design. Here are some tips and tricks when it comes to sprucing up your bathroom.

Keeping Things Dry

The bathroom is, unsurprisingly, a very wet room. The wettest in your home. But there are ways to keep water where it belongs, rather than on the floor, surfaces and walls. If you have a shower within your bath, you might forget to leave the shower curtain out, or splashes can escape through gaps at the ends. Consider installing a walk in shower enclosure. This is more secure and watertight. This will prevent water pooling and becoming stagnant.


Flooring is massively important in a bathroom. As we have already mentioned, the bathroom is a wet space. Consequently, carpet should be avoided at all costs. If it gets consistently wet or damp, it will start to harbour bacteria and become a breeding ground. Wood isn’t much better. Wood flooring isn’t watertight and can begin to swell, bloat and crack. Better options include porcelain or ceramic tiles, marble and natural stone. These are watertight and can be regularly wiped down and sanitised.

Avoiding Clutter

Avoiding clutter means reducing the amount of space for dust, dirt and germs to gather. Make sure that your bathroom has plenty of effective storage solutions that can be wiped clean easily. Plastic storage compartments are ideal or stick on plastic storage can save space and organise all in one. Bathroom cabinets make good space for essentials like mouthwash, floss and all the other lotions and potions that you might have lying about.

Towel Rails

A lot of people end up leaving towels lying about. But this isn’t a great idea. They can’t dry properly when they’re crumpled in a ball on the floor. Towel rails give them their own space and ensure that they dry before bacteria start to grow.

Laundry Baskets

Don’t have laundry scattered around the floor. Make sure you have a large laundry basket for all of your dirty clothes. This can be easily carried down to the wash when it’s full.

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