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StaneStSyndicateStane Street Syndicate
Clapham, London

Reviewed by Claire Lacovara

My husband and I love southern American food, and a good meal out that involves ribs, burgers and the like always makes us happy!

We have been to Clapham before, but usually visit Bodeans or Byron Burgers. We had never heard of Stane Street Syndicate before, and were totally unsure what to expect! After a quick internet search we realised that it was where the old O’Neill’s used to be. We were even more unsure if it would be suitable for our 2 young daughters – 4 and 1. We needn’t have worried, it was so family friendly!


Upon arrival they gave the already visibly clean table an extra spray and wipe, which as a parent of baby (who will no doubt drop and pick up her finger food off the table) it is always extra reassuring to see.

We were sat in a booth type table at the front. They quickly brought a highchair, although I did have to ask for one. But the highchair was spotless and all the straps and buckles worked (there is nothing more frustrating than a highchair that has broken straps and you then spend your whole lunch wishing you had a lasso to catch the escaping baby).

Menus were brought over straight away and we ordered our drinks. A fresh juice for the 4 year old, a diet coke for me and my husband went for a beer. He is a BIG craft beer fan and was pleasantly surprised at the selection available. He decided on one that he hadn’t tried before.

There was a good selection for starters and mains, so we quickly decided on a Veggie sharing platter and Nachos Grande.


A usual lunch out with the kids can leave the gaps between ordering and courses a slight free for all, with the two of us trying to play every trick in the book in keeping them amused.

We were thrilled to discover a great stock of board games to help ourselves too. A few could do with a check over to find missing parts (our Connect 4 coins didn’t fit in the frame) but we must have played a total of 5 different games for the 2 hours we were there. The 4 year old didn’t complain or fidget once. I would recommend this to other family friendly restaurants and bars to copy!


Our starters came and we were amazed at the size of the portions. You could easily come and just order the sharing platters and leave with a full tummy.

The nachos had a nice pulled pork with burnt end sauce, a good guacamole (so often places fail to impress without a good guac) we happily all tucked in to these. The sharing platter also went down well. The 1 year old loved the mini bean and lentil burger (4 Happy Sliders came in the basket), in fact I’m going to search for a similar recipe as she really did plough through these.

The halloumi was good as was the tempura veg. The onion rings were crisp and went well with the guacamole and chipotle jam.

We made the right choice not to order extra for the girls as there was so much to share, and without being asked the waiter brought out extra bowls for them.

The 1 year old and I had a wander before the mains arrived and we were surprised to find a hidden ping pong table, a pin ball machine and a garden terraced tucked in the back part.

There was the Manchester derby being shown whilst we were there, and apart from the odd cheer when a team scored you wouldn’t have known. We found three big screens showing the match, and it was quite busy with local young families watching the game.

It is a well thought out space and layout. It’s nicely decorated and the music is similar to what you would find on XFM and 6 Music, so great to listen to.

There was a changing table in the access toilet, and although clean it was lacking a hook, so I had to put the changing bag on the floor, which if I’m honest I wasn’t keen on.

By the time I was back at the table the mains were arriving and the 4 year old was just finishing another round of Tumbling Monkeys.

My husband had ordered the BBQ glazed rack of ribs. At £16.95 it is quite expensive, and could do with a few tweaks. It’s hard not to compare to ribs we have had at other places. The slaw was quite a small portion and the fries were slightly damp, although the flavour was nice.


I had gone for a Ruby Jean’s burger. The burger was slightly over cooked and the mushroom had made the bun soggy, but apart from that it was good. It was a great size, so we cut it up and shared it 4 ways.

Looking back at the menu I wish I had gone for fried chicken or salad, and afterwards I did feel very  full! Not a bad thing as it meant we didn’t need dinner that night!

In order to do a fair review, and to please the chocolate beast that is the 4 year old, we ordered pudding. We decided on the trio of mini puds and at £6.50 it was great value.


The place started to get a bit busier and our attentive waiter was pulled in a few more directions. The service from the kitchen started to slow, so we did wait quite a while for our puddings. Another trip to choose a game sorted out any inpatient children.

The puddings were nice, we had a mini salted caramel cheesecake, a chocolate brownie, and a cookie and ice cream. 4 spoons were brought over without asking and we all happily tucked in.

We left happy and full. On the way home we discussed it whilst the girls slept off their meal.

Stane Street syndicate is well located near the common, so it would be perfect combined with a nice family walk. It is an ideal place to take the kids if you want to watch a match or another big sporting event. We will certainly bear it in mind for the future if we want to meet friends with children.

Rating: 4.5/5

For more information and to view menus visit

196 Clapham High Street, Clapham, London, SW4 7UD | 020 7498 4931

4 half Star

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