Starchild Children’s Shoes Review

StarchildStarchild Children’s Shoes

Reviewed by Becky Linsell

When I was chosen to review a pair of children’s shoes from Starchild, I was delighted. I had looked at the website and it was an array of gorgeous children’s shoes. I found the website was very easy to find my way around and clearly laid out. I was however, faced with the problem that there were just too many lovely shoes to choose from; it made choosing one pair a difficult job!  Then the lovely people at Starchild got in touch as they heard I had twins and said select two pairs – did this make my job any easier? I have to say not really as there really are too many fabulous pairs to choose from!

StarChildFireEngineBlueI eventually decided on a pair of blue leather shoes with fire engines (Fire Engine Blue) on the front for my (almost) two year old son and a shiny red pair of shoes (Mary Jane Red Metallic) for his twin sister. I found the website very clear about the sizing of the shoes and there is also a very handy guide that you can print out, so that you can put your child’s foot on it. I was pleased that I could dispense with the dreadful task of measuring my kid’s feet, it was much easier to use the print out.

Once ordered, the shoes took only a couple of days to arrive in the post. They were nicely packaged but it was nice to see that the packing was kept to a minimum and not a large unnecessary box for my toddler’s shoes.

On first sight of the shoes I was not disappointed. The colours were as vibrant as the pictures on the website, the windows of the fire engine were even made from shiny blue leather and the red shiny girl’s pair of shoes were just beautiful (I immediately had shoe envy!). On closer inspection, the leather was lovely and soft, the stitching on both pairs of shoes and the fire engine motifs on the front of my son’s shoes were perfect. Starchild shoes are lovingly handmade in the UK, the quality of these shoes is apparent. Once on my kids feet, I would say that sizing is quite generous, which is perfect for fast growing feet, just as the size guide suggested.

The shoes have a soft bottom, as my children have both been in hard bottomed soled shoes since just after their first birthday and I was not sure how they would adapt to soft soles. For my son the lure of the fire engines on his toes was what excited him the most; and for my daughter she was squealing in delight at her new shoes; I am not sure that they even noticed the soft bottoms. It certainly has not stopped either of them charging around! The leather on the bottoms of the shoes is thick and strong enough to protect little feet. These shoes are designed to allow you kids’ feet to grow naturally without being constricted, which makes perfect sense. It also allows the kids feet breathe.

The top of the shoes are elasticated around the top, which keeps the shoes on your little ones feet. I found them really easy to put on and they stayed on and my son (who frequently launches his shoes from the buggy) was unable to pull these off himself.

StarchildMaryJaneRedMetallicMy children have had so many comments about these fabulous shoes in the past few days. They have been much admired and rightly so, they are a work of art for feet. Bright, colourful, a fabulous design for kids, made with high quality leather and most importantly, beautifully made, good quality kids shoes. If you invest in pair of these for your child, you will not be disappointed, my son, my daughter and I are delighted with them.

The shoes I chose were both £18 available in sizes from 0-24 months. The fire engine shoes are also available in sizes from 2-5 years (£20) and in sizes from 5-10 years (£24). Includes free delivery in the UK.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £18

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