Stratum C Complete 4 Hand Cream Review


StratumCHandCreamComplete 4 Hand Cream

Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

Being a woman of a certain age I was pleased to receive the Stratum C menopause hand cream to trial. I spend all day in a dry office environment either being blasted by air conditioning or heating then evenings and weekends outdoors with my animals so my hands, and the rest of my skin, get particularly rough treatment. As a result my hands are dry and lined.

The hand cream is a perfect consistency, not too thick or too thin. The packaging states it is non greasy and it lives up to its claims. So often you are left with sticky or greasy hands after using hand cream meaning you can’t actually do anything for a few minutes after applying, not so with Stratum C. It absorbs straight into the skin leaving a finish that has a slight sheen but is not sticky.

The following statements are made on the packaging, anti-ageing peptides, UV blocking SPF, nail strengthening and age spot removal. I don’t have any age spots so can’t comment on that particular point, but I am certainly happy with the anti-ageing properties as my hands feel softer and plumper negating some of the fine lines. Having a sunblock also helps with signs of ageing so it’s an excellent addition. In the seven days I have been using this cream I haven’t notice my nails getting stronger, but they are pretty weak so it may take weeks not days.

I like the packaging on the hand cream as it clearly states it is for mature skin and has a classic look, if I was being picky I would prefer a flip top lid as opposed to a screw top just because it’s quicker to use.

After one week of using this cream I can see the benefits already and I wholeheartedly recommended it for the more mature ladies amongst us.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £22 (75ml)

Available to buy from Stratum C here.


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