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StratumCVitalityEyeSerumStratum C Vitality Eye Serum

Reviewed by Brenda Melaniphy

The Stratum C Vitality Eye Serum comes packaged in a small card box, which on first appearance, looks very clinical. I say clinical because the box is white with a functional type font – nothing flowery and “pretty”. They have used purple colour on the box so it does not look like you are buying some nondescript medical cream but it is kept looking sophisticated. This box looks like something you would expect to see if you were going to a pharmacy or professional skincare clinic. On the side of the box, there is a brief description about the Stratum C Vitality Eye Serum including its purpose and what results you can expect to see from using it. The box has clear, easy to follow instructions written on the back. It also clearly lists the ingredients so you can easily see what is contained in the serum. Another positive point for me is the “Not Tested on Animals” logo on the box and the fact that it states “please recycle”. Although the recycling point is not a deciding factor for me when purchasing a product, it is always favourable to see a company considering their impact on the environment.

The Stratum C Vitality Eye Serum is housed in what can only be described as a larger than average syringe. It is made of clear plastic so you can easily see the amount of serum left in the syringe as you use it. The plastic is solid and does not feel flimsy when you handle it or depress the syringe to release the serum. The tip of the syringe is encased in a white plastic cap which keeps the tip clean and sterile. Again, this has a very clinical, professional look to it – it would not be amiss in a doctor’s office. I am a big fan of the syringe packaging because it means that a set amount of product is released when you use it thus avoiding using too much or too little. This means that not a drop is wasted and you do truly get the 100 two eye doses out of it that you are meant to.

The actual Stratum C Vitality Eye Serum itself is a clear, odourless gel. I like the fact it is odourless as it means that you don’t have any unpleasant smell when you apply it or any stinging of the eyes that you would get with an overly perfumed product. This also reinforces the fact that it is more natural based rather than having an abundance of chemicals. The consistency of the gel is a thinner, more liquid gel making it easy to apply and takes very little effort to dab in and absorb into the skin. Within minutes of applying the Stratum C Vitality Eye Serum, the skin under my eyes feels slightly tighter and looks more plump and firm. It is not an unpleasant feeling and is barely noticeable as I go about my morning make up routine.

Stratum C Vitality Eye Serum claims to help boost collagen levels, stimulate blood flow around the eye and replenish key moisture levels. After a week of using the Stratum C Vitality Eye Serum, I can definitely say that my eyes are looking and feeling more youthful. There are fewer lines under my eyes and dark areas have been reduced and replaced with brighter, healthier looking skin. On mornings when I have not slept well, using the Stratum C Vitality Eye Serum has helped to reduce any puffiness in the eye area. I do believe that this is down to the fact that Stratum C Vitality Eye Serum uses naturally derived products such as seaweed, rice, soya and yeast proteins. As I become more and more aware of the negative effects certain chemicals have on our skin, I do try to opt for products with more natural based ingredients. Stratum C Vitality Eye Serum definitely ticks this box.

I have been very impressed with the overall look and results achieved from Stratum C Vitality Eye Serum. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is worried about the skin under their eyes and is wanting to improve their appearance in that area. Although this is advertised as a menopausal product, I feel that it extends to people beyond this category, as many people who are not menopausal suffer with puffy eyes or dark rings and they could equally benefit from using Stratum C Vitality Eye Serum. This does have a fairly hefty price tag at £54 but considering you get 100 doses – this is just £0.54 per use. So, if you can afford it, then I would certainly recommend giving it a try.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £54

Available to buy from Stratum C here.


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