Sunwards Face Cream SPF30 Review

Sunwards Face Cream SPF30

Reviewed by Claire Humpidge

I received the Sunwards Sun Protective Face Cream, SPF 30, and my initial concern was the lack of sunshine we'd been experiencing, so I wasn't certain I'd be able to make a fair assessment. After reading the information pamphlet inside the box though, detailing the range's technical and scientific properties, and seeing that the face creams are "characterised by a specific anti-oxidant, soothing and moisturising action and are able to counteract photo-aging and in general the damage induced by ultraviolet radiation (UVA – AVB)", I decided to replace my usual daily moisturiser with the Sunwards face cream.

The 50ml tube dispensed the cream with ease, in fact it has quite a runny consistency so just the slightest pressure was enough. I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn't the typical sun cream odour; and even more pleased that the cream was really light and spreadable. A little goes quite a long way, it's not greasy, and sinks into the skin quickly. I wasn't left feeling like I was caked in sun cream; it really did feel just like my usual face moisturiser. 

I spent the next few days using the Sunwards Face Cream as a daily moisturiser, unable to put its sun protection claims to test, however the following weekend I went to a festival and the weather was glorious (yay!) I'd used the Sunwards Face Cream again, and although I was religiously applying sun cream to my 3 young daughters, I neglected to apply any elsewhere on my own body. I didn't have much flesh on show though since I was in long sleeves, a knee length skirt and wellies, so it simply didn't cross my mind. By evening, after spending pretty much the whole day sat on a camping chair, I'd only gone and sunburnt my knees! My face, however, although it had a healthy looking, very slightly sun-kissed appearance, where you could tell I'd been in the sun, it was certainly not tanned, let alone sunburnt like my knees.

I'll definitely continue to use Sunwards Sun Protective Face Cream as a daily moisturiser throughout the warmer months, so that on the (admittedly rare!) occasions we have some sun, I'll be completely protected; and on the average summer day, I'll have a soft complexion at the very least! 

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from SkinMed here.

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