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Doughnut Store

Reviewed by Gemma Ingham

My 3 year old daughter and I received the Sylvanian Families Doughnut Store to review. I was a massive Sylvanian Families fan as a kid and I’m glad to see that unlike a lot of other toys that were popular back in the 80’s, they have stayed true to form and not much has changed.

The Doughnut Store comes packaged in a typical Sylvanian Families box showing the set-up, with a clear plastic window that holds the only figure included, Mrs Bear. The front of the box does show a couple more characters so my daughter was at first confused why they weren’t included.

Inside the box are a lot of small pieces and I was surprised it’s rated as 3+. There are numerous tiny doughnuts, serving tongs, plates, cups and a teapot amongst larger items such as the doughnut display and a table. It was easy to use and my daughter got stuck in straight away with putting the doughnuts out for sale and setting up shop, using other small figures that she owns to role play with.

The set is good, perfect for imaginative role play and can easily be expanded with other Sylvanian Families products or used as a standalone toy. However, I do think the small parts can be a bit fiddly for younger children to play with and the items are easily lost. I think we’ve already lost a few doughnuts and a plate.


The main disappointment to me was the quality of the doughnut boxes. They are small and made of thin cardboard and ripped straight away which is a disappointment given how much time it took to put them together – I felt like I needed a degree in origami.

My daughter enjoys playing with the set regardless of the downsides and I would recommend.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £17.99

Available to buy from Sylvanian Store Keepers here.

3 Star

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