Tesco Christmas Food Range Review

Tesco Christmas Food Range

Reviewed by Pamela Wright

I have been a very lucky girl and was picked to review some lovely Christmas goodies from Tesco – as a mum of 5 children the first section I was heading towards was the PARTY range – no matter how old or young –  everyone loves a good old party with lovely easy to make food.

The kids were super excited when I told them we were having a little party – the first thing that they wanted was the mini hotdog and cheeseburger selection – my 8 year old said they were cute, I decided to get the Mexican range and my 6 year old wanted the mince pies for pudding, I picked the cheese and tomato swirls too as they looked really lovely. I decided to treat us (when I say us I really mean me) to the retro radio tin filled with toffee.

My shopping list was:
8 Mini hot dogs and cheese burgers £3
12 Mexican selection £3
12 Sundried Tomato and cheese swirls £4
Retro Radio tin with toffee £5

When I got to Tesco all these items were on Buy One Get One Free when I went to buy them so double the festive goodies. The Retro tin was also £4 not £5.

The hot dog/cheese burger was the one I was most dubious, the kids were really looking forward to these but I didn’t think it would be very nice as the instructions are microwave in 1 minute  – I was wrong, they  were really lovely – although they are mini they are quite tasty – the mustard mayonnaise is quite addictive too so be warned mums – don’t let the kids have it – keep it to yourself.   

I love Mexican food so was looking forward to the Mexican selection but have tried some in the past and been disappointed as they have always been really bland and boring – these ones were really nice though,  I liked the chicken tortilla baskets as they had a bit more spice to them – my 8 year old liked all 3.

The sundried tomato and cheese swirls were nice although I expected a tomato /cheese sauce when I bit into them as they are described that way but they just tasted like a flavoured pasty/bread (although I have a fan oven so may have over cooked them slightly as I followed the instructions and cooked for 7 minutes (maybe fan assisted ovens need slightly less cooking time).

The retro radio tin is really good value for money and would make an amazing present for anyone – it’s a gift that looks expensive but is super cheap – the detail on the tin is amazing and from a distance it does actually look like a real radio – it says its filled with toffee so I expected there to be a few inside but there was quite a lot – the toffee is quite nice too but very addictive so watch out for those wobbly fillings or dentures.

All their party food has the slogan cook at 190 degrees and it’s all suitable for freezing so you can buy it all in advance and then cook from frozen or chilled – brilliant for those last minute parties or for busy mums.

Rating: 4.5/5

For more information visit or visit your local Tesco store.

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