The Art of Couples Conversation Review


Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

The Art of Couples Conversation is a great little gift idea for Valentine’s Day. The game comes nicely presented in a card size box with romantic drawings of roses and cupid on the front.

Inside is two pack of cards, 104 in total with three questions on each, the first one light, the second requires a little more thought and the third deeper and more challenging. The cards get placed face down and each player takes a card, the person who has the first letter of the first word closest to the letter a goes first. You then take it in turns to ask each other questions. Example questions are; i) a situation where you have shown courage, ii) what do you consider the top 3 gender differences and iii) Do you give your partner what is important to them whether or not you agree or understand it. As you can see this is not a light-hearted game but more a thought provoking way to start conversation over a glass of wine.

It is essentially for couples but can be played with a group of couples, after a dinner party for instance, not just the two of you. Just bear in mind that there are plenty of deep and meaningful questions that could start an argument!

The Art of Couple Conversation is an interesting concept especially for those in longer term relationships that may have lost their way with 20th century technology such as Facebook and Twitter taking over from real conversation. An evening with the television off, a glass of wine and few question cards will soon get the conversation flowing.  We found ourselves picking up a card as we passed and asking the questions as we travelled in the car etc… so they definitely do work.

There are also several other topics in the series, children’s , travel, literary and Christian conversation so there is something for everyone and the questions are suitable for all ages. It’s not a game as such as there are not any winners or losers but an entertaining way to spend a few hours with a partner or friends. You never know you might find out things about your partner you never knew before!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £9.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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