The Basil Brush Show Full On Fox Tour at the Grand Opera House York Review


BasilBrushTourThe Basil Brush Show
The Full On Fox Tour 2015
Grand Opera House, York

26 August 2015

Reviewed by Claire Giles

When I told my three girls age 10 years and 3 year old twins we were off to see Basil Brush they looked at me blankly! They had never heard of him even though he has been entertaining children (and adults) for over 50 years. After showing them some videos of him on the internet they were all excited to go.

This was my first time attending a show at York Grand Opera House. There is no dedicated parking for the theatre but plenty of parking within walking distance. It is also easily accessible by public transport. We easily picked up our tickets from the Box Office. Our seats were in the dress circle, central in row C. The seats had a great view of the stage. The staff were very helpful and extremely friendly throughout.

The show revolves around Basil Brush and his sidekick Mr. Stephen (portrayed extremely well by Chris Pizzey) with appearances from the theatre manager Mr Snell and Basil’s evil fox nemesis.

The stage backdrop was as if it was part of the theatre with a large screen at the back. At the start of the show Basil’s evil fox nemesis appears on the screen. He explains how he hates Basil and is obviously jealous of Basil fame (and wants it for himself). He hypnotises the theatre manager Mr Snell to cancel the show and send out an email cancelling the dancers and supporting acts. When Basil and Mr Stephens arrive and realise the show has been cancelled they decide to go ahead with the show with just the two of them. The show contains storytelling, songs, games and lots of fun. There is loads of audience participation with booing, cheering and getting up on your feet singing along. There were lots of silly jokes and some adult innuendo to entertain all ages. The kids especially enjoyed Mr Stephens spraying the audience with water guns. The show all built up to a showdown between Basil and his evil nemesis (with Basil the victor).

After the show there was a chance to meet and have your picture taken with Basil.

My girls loved the show. They were highly entertained and engrossed throughout. It was good silly family fun for all and I would definitely recommend it to others.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Basil Brush and The Full On Fox Tour 2015 is currently on tour around the UK until 22 November 2015. For more information or to book tickets at a venue near you visit

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Grand Opera House York, Clifford and Cumberland Street, York, YO1 9SW | 0844 8713024


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