The Beach Towel Clip Review


Reviewed by Sarah Heathcock

I have received my parcel with the Beach Towel Clips in, they were well package to prevent any damage to the clips.

The actual box the clips came in was very eye catching and modern and made it clear what the product is.

The clips are of a high quality, solid orange plastic. They are a simple design and very easy to use.

I took mine away this week to try and they lived up to my expectations and did the job perfect. They are designed to pin your towel down on the sand to prevent it blowing away. This means there is no need to go looking for pebbles and stones or having to use your shoes to hold the towel down anymore.

I found them so easy to use, I just found a nice flat area of sand where I want to lie and put my towel down, I took the clips out of the box and opened the clips up one by one. I then carefully pushed the clips into the sand with the palm of my hand making sure it catches the corner of the towel and the clip was flat to the sand. It held the towel down lovely the whole time I was on the beach. Then at the end of my day at the beach I just pulled them up, folded them closed and put them in the box ready for the next day. I used these for 5 days at the beach and they are still like new, I just dusted the sand off them after each use.

I would highly recommend holiday makers to pack these in your case and beach bag as they are such a wonderful gadget, and don’t take up much space in my luggage. I’ve left mine in my case ready for my next holiday!!

I would definitely rate these 5 out of 5!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.99

Available in 3 colours from

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