The Diet Plate Review


Reviewed by Sarah Cooper

My social media accounts are always full of some new diet fad or must-have product to lose weight. The truth is for many that if you restrict yourself so much that you make your life a misery, for example by surviving only on shakes or protein bars, the whole regime will quickly become unsustainable. The best way to lose weight by far is to allow yourself occasional treats, stick to a healthy diet and use portion control.

The trouble with portion control however, is that ideas of what a small portion is can vary from person to person. When my husband plates up, I often find his servings enormous and off-putting, which is why The Diet Plate is so convenient for everyone to use as a healthy guideline.


The plate and bowl are delineated by clear areas which you are allowed to fill with a certain type of food. The specified width of the areas mean that the volume of the food that you eat is carefully measured. You can’t cheat by piling the food too high either, as the food will cascade out of the designated lines. Areas like carbohydrates are smaller, whilst areas for vegetables and fruit are much bigger. With the bowl you have coloured rings, you follow a simple cereal guide in the book which dictates whether you fill the cereal to the blue, yellow or red lines.  It can also be used for soup.


The most positive thing for me about this plan is that I can eat pretty much whatever I like and I don’t have to be constantly weighing items or checking their calorie content. I can make recipes that the whole family love and not have to worry whether I am eating the right thing.

The company also provides a very helpful booklet to work alongside the plate and bowl which offers positivity, advice and important information about using the plate.

The plate is beautifully illustrated and is filled with positive slogans. I think overall, the plate serves as an eye-opener to our actual health needs.

I wasn’t looking to do a drastic weight loss as I weighed in at 9 stone, but using this simple system I have lost around 4lb within 1 week. This highlighted to me that I was eating far too many carbohydrates and I actually felt much less bloated.

Overall, the whole booklet showed me that the company who make these products are really passionate about genuinely helping people to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Fantastic!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £34.98

Available to buy in male and female versions from


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