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TheDivaThe Diva

Reviewed by Nicola Wilkinson

Entwine gifts are a new company based in Lancashire, they provide fantastic personalised wines and cheese gifts. Each gift set contains a bottle of wine and an award winning cheese which is from a local farmer in Lancashire.

For my review I was sent the very lovely The Diva Gift Box, this included a bottle of Galanti Prosecco, made with the Glera grape from Veneto, Italy and a cheese which was the Green Olive Lancashire Bomb.

The wine and cheese came in a lovely wooden effect style box which protected inside by shreds which made the wine and cheese suit the box. Also inside the box there was a personalised note.

This was a lovely surprised and made the gift feel very personal. Inside the note there is a description about the wine and cheese and also some tasting notes.

The Galanti Prosecco was very tasty it’s a very light fizzy wine which was very refreshing and with strong fruit flavours of Apple and Pear, it’s the kind of drink I could imagine drinking this on a hot sunny day in the garden or the company recommend it to be the perfect aperitif for any occasion which I strongly agree with. It is what I call an easy to drink, drink.

The Green Olive cheese the company sent me was a strong cheese full of flavour and very creamy it, had olives infused into it. If I’m honest I’m not a lover of olives but the cheese was very tasty complimented the wine which worked very well together. I love strong cheeses and was surprised how much I enjoyed this one due to the olives.

With Christmas fast approaching this is now on the top of my list of gifts for a family member who I didn’t know what to buy for. Please have a look on their website where there is 15% off all gift promotions. You can choose which wine you like and also what kind of cheese. Soon a Rose and Rose Champagne will be added to their collection.


This wine and gift set comes very highly recommended I was really pleased with it.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £25.95

Available to buy from Entwine here.


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