The ELO Experience: Mr Blue Sky Tour at the Grove Theatre Review


ELOExperienceMrBlueSkyThe ELO Experience
Mr Blue Sky Tour
Grove Theatre, Dunstable

28 November 2014

Reviewed by Michelle Alexander

The Grove Theatre Dunstable is off of the A5 High Street going through Dunstable.

As I’m local to Dunstable and the surrounding areas, I know there’s no parking directly at the Grove Theatre, Dunstable, however, you can park opposite in the Asda car park. If it’s before 6pm, you do have to pay, otherwise free after 6pm. You can also park in the car park across from the leisure centre which is directly outside the bowling again, again, free after 6pm.

There are a number of restaurants and bars located right next to the theatre, so you can enjoy a pre or post show meal with your family and friends. They are listed below:-

Cookies & Creams (night club)
Sports Bar

From the minute you walk into the theatre, you’re greeted with friendly staff members that are more than happy to help you. There is a bar which serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages along with sweets and crisps, but be aware, they are slightly higher in price than your standard high street shop, bar or pub.

The Lower Foyer is well lit and each location within the theatre is well sign posted, i.e., stage doors, toilets, exits etc… The toilets are clean and tidy to a very high standard and are reflected in the rest of the areas of the theatre.

Now for the show: The ELO Experience – Mr Blue Sky Tour

OMG… WOW, WOW, WOW. Absolutely flipping fantastic!!!

The first half was good but the second half was fantastic; really gets you up dancing and singing along to some good old tunes, even some I had forgotten.

Andy Louis – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Lovely guy with a fantastic voice and he really likes to involve the audience and have a bit of laugh. He even encourages you to buy the glow sticks (only £1.00) to use in the second half of the show. Its great fun and a good laugh.

Audience participation was fantastic and the audience ranged from very young children to the much older generation.

The music and sound was fantastic, not too loud either.

Lighting was lovely and some great effects.

Please note: there are 2 songs which have a very small amount of blue strobe lighting

Some great and funny back wall scenes, the only thing I would suggest is to make them bigger, the space was there to be used and I think it would’ve enhanced the show even more.

We came away feeling uplifted, happy and elated.

Other band members are:
Steve Hemsley – Keyboards, Special Effects, Vocals,
Pete Smith – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Jan Christiansen – Lead Guitar, Vocals (sat next to this guy in Wetherspoons) lol
Tony Lawson – Drums and percussion
Viv Blackledge – Cello
Clare Little – Cello
Liz Stacey – Violin

Would I recommend seeing this show? Most definitely!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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