The Selection ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ Gift Box Review


12daysofchristmasgiftboxThe Selection ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ Gift Box

Reviewed by Bharti Patel

If you are still on the hunt for a gift for that special person and they like a little tipple every now and then how about a ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ Gift Box. I know what you are thinking it sounds like an advent calendar for kids but this is the grown-up version. It comes in an attractive red and gold cube style box with little countdown doors and as you open each one you are surprised with a small draw containing a miniature sized bottle of a spirit. Whether you are a gin, whisky or a liqueur fan this box has it all. To be precise it has 3 different liqueur bottles, 3 different whisky bottles, 3 different gins, a vodka, a rum and a port bottle. The box contains bottles you will have heard of unless you are not a huge fan of a particular type of alcohol like me who has no idea about whisky, luckily my husband did and recognised them.

This is a very clever idea and it’s something a little different as its quite exciting to open the doors to find out what you get the next day. If your buying this for your partner and they don’t happen to like all of them then you of course will benefit from this box too! I would say this is more a gift for men due to the whisky selections but don’t rule it out if you know a woman who likes whisky.

The company that makes these also offers the options of just a whisky lovers box, a vodka lovers box, a gin lovers box and a malt whisky lovers box. I would say the selection box is a good mix for everyone with a good variety.

This box can be purchased from and is £49.95 plus delivery (free delivery on orders over £70).  This does sound a little expensive however if you consider it has 12 small bottles of alcohol then the cost actually is reasonable. It makes a really different gift from the usual stuff you can buy on the high street and will bring a little bit of fun into a Christmas gift.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £49.95

Available to buy from Advent Gift Boxes here.

4 Star

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