The Best Wines in the Supermarkets 2013 Review


The Best Wines in the Supermarkets 2013
by Ned Halley

Reviewed by Michelle Wright

I definitely wouldn’t say I was a wine connoisseur but in my house, you will hear that gorgeous glug glug glug sound of that first glass of wine from a bottle on a Friday night!

But which wine should I choose? This handy sized book covers wine purchased from Aldi to Waitrose and many supermarkets in between and abolishes the pre-conceived perceptions of wines on the high street!!

Each Supermarket is split into red wine, white wine, pink wine and sparkling wine, and each wine is described with a price point highlighting the grapes origin.

It is very well laid out and extremely easy to find your way around. There is even a very comprehensive glossary of wine words towards the back. One of the most interesting sections for me is the ‘Making the most of it” section. This section talks of allowing wine ‘to breath’, chilling your wine, and even covers the preconceptions of which foods should not be drank with wine.

For me, I love my Friday night dose of Pink wine and chocolate… and as Ned Halley says in the last paragraph of the book “it’s all personal taste and who is to dictate otherwise”!

I have already found this book very useful and it is now my new wine bible, and you can also log in online to a password protected site and Ned will help you find the wine that suits your mood!

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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