The Dragon Tattoo by Tim Pigott-Smith Review


Review written by Meghan Davis (Age 9)

This book is the first in a series called The Baker Street Mysteries and is set in London.

One of the characters is called Sam Wiggins who is homeless and lives on the streets of London.  Sam starts the adventure by running away from baddies and meeting Dr Watson who gives him some money for food.

Dr. Watson goes everywhere with Sherlock Holmes as he records all of his adventures.

Sherlock Holmes is the famous detective who is always solving crimes.

Billy Chizzell was the page boy at 221b Baker Street and worked for Dr. Watson.  Billy’s friends are Potts who lives in Soho and Edie.

Dr. Watson’s friend and Billy’s hero Sherlock Holmes had disappeared.

Sam had befriended a young Chinese Girl, Ann-Li Chang and a boy called Titch who is also homeless.

Colonel Maltravers and Dooley work for a Chinese gang called the Dragons and are baddies and are first introduced in this book by threatening Ann-Li’s father.

Once you start reading this book, you will absolutely love it as it has not one but two adventures that concludes with a very exciting twist!.

In the first adventure, Sam and Titch are trying to find and rescue Sam’s friend Ann Li Chang from nasty Colonel Maltravers and Dooley.  Ann-Li was being held in a very dark room in an unused warehouse with ropes round her wrists and ankles who thinks she will never be found.

Adventure two is about Billy Chizzell and his friends’ Potts and Edie searching for Sherlock Holmes.  Sherlock Holmes was Billy’s hero and has not been seen for days by his friend Dr. Watson.

One day while trying to find his hero, Billy bumped into Colonel Maltravers.  He told the colonel that he was trying to find his hero Sherlock Holmes.  Colonel Maltravers entices Billy to go with him; however Sam and Titch are watching and are determined to follow them and save Billy!

Next came the best part of the story where Billy, Sam, Potts and Titch all came together in an exciting and dangerous adventure to try and rescue Ann-Li from the warehouse, but watch out for the fabulous unexpected twist on the way when Billy’s hero is found!!.

I found this book very exciting and difficult to put down and loved every part of it!.

I’m looking forward to the other two books in the series “The Rose of Africa”, and “Shadow of Evil”.

Rating: 5/5

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