The Magic of Motown Grand Opera House York Review


The Magic of Motown
Grand Opera House, York

Reviewed by: Emma Wasson

As I arrived at the Grand Opera House in York it was already very busy and there was already a good atmosphere even before the performance had started, it was clear that everyone was there to have a good time.

My tickets were waiting for me at the box office, the lady behind the desk found them immediately and was very polite.

All encounters with staff were positive. A member of staff was located at each entrance to the theatre and pointed us in the direction of our seats, the bar and the toilets. This time I had a drink in the interval, the bar was very busy but I was served in turn and the barman was very polite and wished that I enjoyed the rest of the performance as I took my drinks.

The performance started as all the performers, 4 men and 3 ladies came out and gave us a rendition of Papa was a Rolling Stone, followed immediately by The Love Train.

From start to finish the performance was absolutely fantastic, loved by all in the audience.  It wasn’t long before some members of the audience were out of their seats and dancing in the aisle. However it wasn’t long before nearly all of the audience were up on their feet singing and dancing along. Some members remained seated but weren’t upset by not having a clear view of the stage. In fact the cast knew exactly how to handle the audience and for certain songs, everyone sat down and swayed along, as they did to My First Love as the main guy and one of the ladies did a duet on stage.

There were many costume changes throughout the show and all of the costumes were amazing, full of sparkly, bright colours and killer heals, but it didn’t stop at the clothes, the 3 ladies sung a rendition of Heatwave with bouffant wigs, and I heard many ladies in the audience comment on these as they reminisced on their youth.  The main guy also did many Stevie Wonder tribute songs, and he had his mannerisms down to a tee with the shades and wig.  Then the finale had all 4 guys and 1 girl as the Jackson Five with the most amazing costumes and wigs, which I would have loved to have taken home.

From the beginning the main guy built a rapport with the audience telling jokes and was able to get the crowd going extremely well throughout the show. He had the most amazing voice and also treated the audience to a quick look at his six pack! And also the guys did some amazing gymnastic moves on stage, including the splits!

I’ve never been to a play where the audience has participated so much and also enjoyed the performance so much.

The band who accompanied the signers were also excellent and towards the end did a solo piece each to demonstrate their abilities.  A job well done.

Overall, what an amazing performance, with 7 outstanding performers in singing, dancing, rapport with crowd, etc…  I loved every minute and danced along to all the songs.  I loved the costumes, loved the songs and would recommend this to anyone, and would definitely go back again.

Rating: 5/5 

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