The Water Children by Anne Berry Review


Reviewed by Angela Davis

It’s often said of writers that they paint pictures with words and this is very true of this author. Anne Berry has a stunning way with words

The one thing that will keep me wanting to finish a book is the way that an author brings the characters to life. I want to feel that I can get to know them and actually relate to the way they live, feel and think, and with the striking words that Anne Berry uses there was never a moment in this book that I wondered if I would ever stop reading it.

She draws the reader in and helps you to easily visualise the scene that she wants to get across. So often in a book the writer is concerned with only the characterisation, but here she goes to great effort to ensure that her reader really is drawn into each part of the story as the lives of each of the four main characters, 2 which will end in tragedy, are intertwined & played out around the subject of the title. There is a great skill in keeping a reader enthralled and Anne Berry is certainly one of those writers who can do it.

I would thoroughly recommend this book; it will appeal to a wide audience. It isn’t an edge of the seat thriller until near the end, but certainly a page turner to find out what happens next.

Rating: 5/5

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