The Watermen Review


The Watermen

Release date: 27thFebruary 2012

Reviewed by David Savage

This is a horror movie set at sea.

This DVD starts with young woman being stalked and captured by a woman in a gruesome way so straight away you know what to expect throughout the rest of the film.

3 young men with trust funds and 3 beautiful young women go for a fishing trip aboard their million dollar yacht and after stopping for fuel and bait the yacht is sabotaged and the engine catches fire further out to sea leaving them stranded at sea with no communications.  Their dream trip has now turned into a nightmare but little do they know that worse is to come.

They spot a fishing boat which arrives to help them but the crew onboard are more interested in kidnapping and killing them all.

The race is now on to escape the clutches of The Watermen and save their lives.

It is rated as a 15 but due to some of the suggested themes, violence and brutality within the film I would recommend it as 18. This is definitely not for people of a timid or squeamish nature.

Overall it is a very watchable film with some gruesome scenes. The Watermen talk with some strange dialect that can be a bit hard to understand at times but this does not take anything away from the film but seems to add to it. You can see quite early on in the film why the Watermen kill people but for me didn’t make any difference to the film. If you like gruesome horror then this is one to watch.

Rating: 7/10

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