Tips to reduce your wedding costs

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Last year, the cost of tying the knot hit an all-time high with the average wedding cost hitting more than £27,000. The most important day of your life is never going to come cheap, but there are some simple but effective ways that you can cut the costs without making it anything less of a day to remember.

Ditch the professional invitations

In the digital age, do you really need to spend a fortune on professionally crafted invitations? Most people operate online these days when it comes to exchanging news and greetings, so consider e-invitations instead. You can create something that is truly unique, and all your own work. Better still, it will last forever! Of course, you probably have some elderly relatives who would still expect a printed invitation, but with inkjet printers available so cheaply and online suppliers of ink cartridges in the UK selling them at heavily discounted rates, you will still be saving a whole lot of money.

Take a “less is more” approach to floral arrangements

Flowers are not cheap at the best of times, but if you want floral arrangements at the church, and then more on the tables at the reception, costs can rapidly spiral out of control. And all for blooms that will wither and die in no time. A single flower as a centrepiece on each table looks stylish and will mean a big financial saving.

Consider a buffet or hog roast

A sit-down meal is all very well, but it takes a whole lot of time and organisation as well as money. A buffet is fun, informal and inexpensive. Alternatively, consider a hog-roast if you want to be a little bit different. Just remember you’ll need a vegetarian option too!

Don’t go overboard with the free bar

It’s human nature that when there’s a free bar, people will always over-indulge. By the end of the night, the tab could be enough to put you off drinking forever! Instead, provide wine with dinner and a glass of champagne or Pimms to toast the bride and groom, but otherwise, have a normal paid bar. Nobody is going to think the less of you for it!

Recruit amateur musicians

Live music really makes a wedding party go with a bang, and is even more special – not to mention cheaper – if it is someone you know. Most of us know a few people who play in local bands, so ask around. You can’t expect them to play for free, but they will be a whole lot cheaper than a professional outfit, and will also bring that personal touch to proceedings.

Let them eat cake!

The traditions around wedding cakes are convoluted and an enormous waste. You spend all that money, get some photos of the cake being cut and then it invariably seems to disappear. Just as you did with the music, enlist a friend who is a talented baker to make your cake, then make the most of it by sharing it with the guests as dessert.

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