Tommee Tippee Electric Breast Pump Review


Tommee Tippee
Electric Breast Pump

Reviewed by Tanya Moyes

The Tommee Tippee Electric Breast Pump is a great product. If you are planning on breast feeding and/or expressing milk for your baby to drink from a bottle, I would say it is an essential item to add to your list of things to buy.

I have previously tried using a manual breast pump, which I didn’t really get on with. I didn’t manage to express much at all and found it quite uncomfortable to use. So I was a little unsure about trying the electric version as I couldn’t understand how it would make much difference (other than my hand not aching!) I was wrong. Firstly it was very simple to use, a little daunting when you first see all the parts but from following the simple instructions I was able to put it together and dismantle it for washing/sterilising very easily. I also noticed that the cable is a good length so you don’t have to sit right near a plug socket. The main thing I noticed was how comfortable it was to express, my daughter had difficulty latching on properly in the hospital so had caused me to be a bit sore. I believe the breast pump actually helped to ‘heal’ the pain as it was drawing the milk out in the correct way. I will also say that the pump helped bring my milk in and I was surprised at first with how much I managed to get out (the things us mums get excited about!!)

There are only two improvements I can think of and that would be some sort of strap that could go round your back so you didn’t have to hold the pump in place, and if I was being fussy it could be a little quieter. I don’t feel these are important or major improvements and would not put me off of buying one.

Some people will say they are expensive to buy. I would have agreed 3 years ago when I tried the manual pump with my first daughter because as said above I wouldn’t have thought an electric one could have made much difference. However, since trying it and seeing the difference it can make to my own comfort and the amount of milk that is expressed I think it is worth every penny.

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