TomTom Bert and Ernie


Navigate To Sesame Street With Bert & Ernie

The voices of Bert & Ernie are now available for TomTom devices. Developed in association with Sesame Workshop and Locutio Voice Technologies, drivers can join the duo on their adventures, whether they're off to Sesame Street or anywhere else. 

Bert & Ernie's directions will help to put a smile on every drive. The friends deliver navigation instructions together and enjoy fun banter such as: “U-turn ahead, Bert. Just me turn? All of us Bert.”

There is a video of the pair in action, so fans can find out what they were up to in the recording studio. Click to see it.

Bert & Ernie are sure to lighten the mood! 

Bert & Ernie's voice is available to download now for £7.95. 

Hear Bert & Ernie in action and find out more about the voice at

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