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Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

We travel a lot so were delighted to be able to try out the Travelsnug with our young son Ethan aged 2½. TravelSnug is a very soft fleece covered seat liner rather like a lovely squidgy sofa cushion.

When it arrived I was surprised it was so lightweight and my little boy couldn’t wait to try out his “snuggle” which was his own name for the Travelsnug. It comes rolled up and secured a little like a picnic blanket with click straps that are easy to undo. With much jumping around with excitement we unrolled it and found inside a matching fleece blanket perfect to help him get to sleep, and keep him both warm and clean on the flight.

A couple of days later we were off to the airport and although the TravelSnug was light and has its own carry strap I had no luck getting Ethan to carry it himself for more than a couple of minutes. Having to carry it myself I did find it rather bulky to carry around with all my other paraphernalia but it wasn’t a huge problem. On the plane it was very quickly unrolled and the seatbelt straps passed through three loops attached to the Snug to keep it in place, it was literally a few seconds and he was snuggled up in in with the blanket on his lap. Immediately we had an air stewardess comment on how cosy it looked and how she loved the concept, this happened several times during our trip, especially as our design, bright red with black and white footballs, was rather eye-catching.

The design of the TravelSnug is almost circular so it cocoons your child in a nest like structure keeping them comfy and aiding sleep. It is available in two sizes – size 1 – approximately 12 months to 3 years and size 2 – approximately 3 to 6 years, we had the size 1 and I felt it was a bit short height wise for my son with his head just coming over the top of it but it obviously depends on how tall your child is. If they are tall for their age and two and a half or over it may be worth moving on to the size 2 early.

The TravelSnug is machine washable which is a must with children and being fleece washes up easily and dries quickly. It isn’t just suitable for flying either, it would be just as good for long train journeys or coach trips, anything with a lap belt. It also comes in lots of lovely designs suitable for both boys and girls such as dinosaurs and stars.

As we were on a very short flight Ethan didn’t fall asleep but he was very cosy and he absolutely loved his “snuggle”.  Some airlines may class the TravelSnug as hand baggage so you would need to bear that in mind but for long haul flights it’s absolutely perfect and I won’t hesitate to take it next time I travel.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £54.99 to £64.99

Available to buy from TravelSnug here.


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