Tree Fu Tom Twigs and Acorn Review


Tree Fu Tom
Twigs and Acorn

Reviewed by Rachel Legg

I was quite pleased when asked to review this as my girls love Tree Fu Tom, it is a small (about 1.5 inches high) non-articulated model of Twigs with a stand and an acorn.

The model is nicely packaged and fairly easy to get out of the packaging even with a twin helping me along. It is really nicely made and looks just like the character in the cartoon including a high level of detail. The removable stand allows it to either be stood as a display piece or played with along with other models, the girls have already co-opted Twig to stand guard in their princess castle and do not seem to mind that the model doesn’t actually do anything.

The only negative is the acorn which has already been mislaid and seems to have very little point to it, it is just a plastic acorn and my 4 year olds have just been asking what it was for and didn’t seem to get the idea it wasn’t really “for” anything. 

In conclusion as a small plastic model of a character in a popular cartoon it is nicely made and good quality though is small and definitely not for very young children. It would look nice alongside other characters from the programme.

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy online from Amazon here or toy stockists including Argos.

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