Tregothnan Earl Grey Tea and Housekeeper’s Biscuits Review


Reviewed by David Savage

I love my tea but have never tried Earl Grey before so didn’t know what to expect. As it is supposed to be served black or with a slice of lemon I wasn’t sure it was for me.

The Earl Grey came in a box of 10 sachets (teabags), all individually foiled wrapped to maintain freshness and each with a string. On opening the foil sachet I noticed a sweet smell and expected to the tea itself to have a sweet taste.

On adding the tea and pouring on boiling hot water I left it to brew for a few minutes as I prefer strong tea. The colour was very rich. I first tried it black without sugar and although I expected it to be sweet it wasn’t. I don’t like black, unsweetened tea but this was different and not unpleasant and very smooth. So I then added a small drop of milk and 2 sugars like my normal tea and enjoyed the flavour much more.

To accompany it I had Housekeeper’s Biscuits. The pack has 12 shortbread biscuits and are crumbly, soft and just melt in the mouth and are the perfect companion for the tea. The only downside is that they are very moreish and I had eaten half the packet by the time I had finished one cup of tea.

Overall, although I still prefer the taste of my normal tea (I have been drinking it for years so just used to it), Tregothnan’s Earl Grey makes a nice change and has a good colour and pleasant taste. The Housekeeper’s Biscuits are excellent and full of flavour but as in my case just won’t last very long.

Tregothnan’s Earl Grey is an English tea grown and created in Cornwall and the biscuits are also baked in Cornwall to their own secret recipe. The Earl Grey tea costs £4 for a box of 10 sachets and the Housekeeper’s Biscuits cost £1.95 for a box 12.

So while the tea is expensive compared to everyday teabags you can taste the difference and makes a nice change and would be great for special occasions. While the biscuits are probably the same price as a pack of good quality shortbread biscuits but both are good value for money.

Rating: 4/5

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