U-nu 35 Piece Construction Set Review


Unu3535 Piece Construction Set


Rachel Cassey-Holland

U-nu is a clever and unique concept in the world of children’s construction toys and I had never heard of them before I was selected to review their product.

I have three young boys aged 5, 4 and 18 months. They like building things but aren’t massively into the standard brick type construction toys just yet, but they are slowly getting there and showing an interest in construction.

I received a box from U-nu with a whole set of 35 well-sized and attractively coloured pieces – nothing so small that you will miss it only to tread on it whilst turning off the lights at bedtime, which is my pet hate with certain other construction toys! As I poured them out of the box my boys were immediately fascinated. I was equally impressed – not least because also included was a sturdy canvas type bag for me to keep the pieces in and together once the boys had finished playing.

There is something about the U-nu pieces that makes you want to fiddle and experiment with them and create objects and shapes of your own – they are extremely captivating. They are also very substantial in size and thickness and you can tell the excellent quality. A quick search on the U-nu website reveals that they are also eco-friendly (including the dye used to create their colour) and made from sustainable wood. The pieces slot together very easily and anything goes design-wise.

I searched for an information leaflet for ideas of what to create but nothing was included in the box I was sent. For me this was the moment of realisation that this is the point of U-nu – it’s about creating your own ideas and designs. For those who do want to be challenged further there are tutorials on Facebook and Twitter, where you can attempt to recreate U-nu “expert” designs.

All in all I absolutely love U-nu – as do my children. When they had finished trying to create shapes they laid them all out flat on the floor to make a car track and raced cars around them – not the point of U-nu admittedly, but testament to how strong and durable U-nu is. We also had a small yoghurt “accident” and I was able to wipe a piece clean with no marking or staining.

I would choose U-nu over the standard construction toys without shadow of a doubt. They are well priced and will last for a very long time and it is also possible to buy more pieces individually without having to buy a whole new set.

We will be taking U-nu away with us on our summer break and I fully intend to take on some of the challenges on the Facebook site.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £55

Available to buy from U-nu here.


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