Untangle Your Mind – Relax Your Body Review

untangleUntangle Your Mind – Relax Your Body
with Antonia Boyle

Reviewed by Carron Charlesworth

I am a working mum of (nearly) four year old twins, and two older step children. My job is stressful, and our house is noisy. There isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done at work and at home, and therefore I need all the help I can get when it comes to winding down and relaxing!

I downloaded Untangle Your Mind – Relax Your Body onto my MP3 player as I knew this would work better for me. There are three different relaxation exercises – a 20 minute one, a 10 minute one, and a 2 minute one.  There are some comprehensive instructions at the beginning to explain how to use the exercises and when. Realistically, you need to do the 20 minute relaxation exercises on more or less a daily basis for around a week to get a full understanding. Once I got the knack of learning how to relax, I started doing the 10 minute relaxation most nights, which gave me a great night’s sleep.

As I listened to the lady’s voice, I found that I didn’t really need to concentrate that much as the background sound was very relaxing and blended well with her tone. If I’m honest, I would have preferred a softer spoken accent but nevertheless , I was soon sucked in by her words and, by day 3, I could feel myself starting to get more into what was being said and drifting off.

I discovered how to revisit my ‘happy place’ – which I haven’t thought about for a few years i.e. before the children came along! It took me back to laying on a sun soaked beach, doing nothing. I could hear exactly the same sounds, and feel the serenity of the relaxed atmosphere. It was rather surreal actually. I also found out how to smile inside my throat, something I didn’t know was possible! After each relaxation, I could feel that the tension in my neck and shoulders had gone and my mind felt completely empty – empty in a good way, and I was totally chilled out.

I used the 2 minute exercise during a particularly disastrous day with the children. The beauty of this one is you do it sat on a chair, so I shut the kitchen door, and just zoned out to ‘my beach’, and it was just the time out that I needed. I can also see my using this one at work, but perhaps not in the open plan office though!

All in all, a good tool to help you wind down, with a bit of me time.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £10 (CD), £8 (Digital Download)

Available to buy as a CD or Digital Download from Alpha Waves here.

4 Star

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