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Vie Gourmet Coconut Bowls and Spoons Review

Reviewed by Sandip Stapleton

I recently received a set of 4 Coconut Bowls with 4 Coconut Spoons from Vie Gourmet. I have to say I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when these arrived but when we unwrapped the packaging, I was pleasantly surprised. For some reason I was expecting the inside of the bowl to be rough and still a bit ‘hairy’ but the bowls were lovely and smooth. We have 4 of them and they are all unique which adds to the character.

We have used them quite a lot and my kids love to use them as their breakfast bowls. I like to have rice based dishes in them, I think it makes me feel like I’m in Indonesia, Singapore or somewhere exotic like that!

In a world where we are trying to be more waste conscious, these bowls and not only stylish, but very eco-friendly. The matching smooth little coconut spoons (made from coconut wood and polished with coconut oil) are an added bonus and I was quite pleased to see them together as a set.

Made from reclaimed coconut shells, the bowls and spoons are handmade and completely natural. A very natural and functional product that would made a very unique Christmas gift, especially for someone that cares about the environment.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.95

For more information or to buy visit vie-gourmet.com.

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