Weightloss & Fitness Diary – 7th January 2015


Last night was a big step for me, going back to Slimming World.    It’s really nice that some local friends attend the same group so we can do this together.    At group I ordered some of the Slimming World books.  I do like trying out new recipes.  When I start misbehaving food wise is when what I eat is really boring.

My 2nd Slow cooker was delivered yesterday.  I am looking forward to having 2 things on the go.  In our household the other adult doesn’t like the same things as me and the kids and does get quite difficult to cook for everyone.  This 2nd slow cooker should help me cut down time wise.  Things are so hectic anyway with running my business and having 2 under 5’s. plus my 9 year old of course.  Yesterday I was also very excited that my egg topper arrived and a boiled egg slicer.   I do like boiled eggs but usually end up with bits of shell everywhere.  I hope to try both items out soon, anything which makes life easier.

Today I have found it really easy to stick to Slimming World.  What really motivated me was doing the same plan as my local friends, plus another friend telling me about an app where you can see a picture of your weight now and your planned weight.   Speaking of planned weights, I originally planned to set my target as 10 stone 5, but I set it as 10 stone in the end as I would like to be more within the healthy normal range.

My food diary for today:

Drinks: no added sugar orange cordial.  1 330ml can of Cherry Coke which is 7.5 syns.  I also had 3 packets of 20g pickled onion Space Raiders.  The 25g pack is 6 syns, so going with that.  This takes me over my 15 syns to 25.5 for today.  The good thing about the Slimming World plan is that I have a certain number of syns for the week (15 per day) and so can go over some days.

Brunch – chopped tinned tomatoes, mushrooms and fried eggs (cooked with Frylight in a frying pan) with some baked beans (heated up in a saucepan).

Dinner – Chilli con carne with rice.    Boiled rice in a saucepan while frying the lean beef mince in a frying pan.  (I used Frylight) I added a tin of baked beans and a tin of chopped tomatoes.  I then took a couple of portions out for my twins before adding the hot chilli powder.  My daughter and I both love really spicy food.   I cooked my boys portions in the microwave while continuing to cook mine and my daughter’s on the hob.   Myself and the kids really enjoyed our dinner tonight.

I feel a bit annoyed with myself that I went over my syns today, but the great thing about the plan is that you can. I will just ensure that it evens out before the end of the week.

My fitness diary for today:

I walked to school and back twice so that’s a 40 minute walk.  I hope to start doing a more brisk walk.  I did get some leg pain on the walk home today, but I made myself carry on.


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