What do the grown-ups do? Richard the Vet by Mairi McLellan Review


Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

Richard the Vet is one of a series of educational books for children aged 5-10 years and is set in rural Scotland. The Mackenzie girls, Ava, Sky and Gracie, investigate various jobs they may like to do when they are grown up.

We have horses at home so I was pleased to be sent this book to review as Richard is a large animal vet dealing with both equine and bovine patients. It states at the front of this book that is has not been oversimplified and that is very true. It’s very much an educational book and a little graphic at times, such as when a bloody tooth came out.

Personally I thought it gave a great insight into the world of a large animal vet and it was backed up with lots of photographs. Don’t expect pretty pictures, these are real photos of horses having injections, having their teeth rasped and having their bottom’s inspected!

For a short book it explained nicely the length and time involved in training to be a qualified vet and the importance of academic qualifications. It points out both the good and bad points about the job, which I thought was excellent. It also talks about how to behave around animals and how not to frighten and distress them, all really useful stuff, especially for children that haven’t grown up around large animals.

My son is a little young for this book but we read it together and he enjoyed going through all the photographs as I explained what was going on. I think this book will be invaluable as he gets older for helping us talk through what’s happening when the vet is called out.

I’d be very happy if my son became a vet as it would save me a fortune, but he may be put off after reading the section about long working hours!

A good informative book that explains a lot in only 34 pages. Highly recommended and we will be on the lookout for Papa the Stockfarmer which is another book in the series.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7.99

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