Why Millennials Are So Depressed?


Millennials are perhaps the most stressed-out generation. They haven’t been into any World War, and yet they seem they have seen the worst this world has to offer. We don’t intend to make fun of the current situation. Instead, we are just saying things could be much worse.

We understand Depression is a real issue and it’s very common today, especially in youngsters. Speaking of which, following we will discuss the most common issues of depression.

Academic Pressure

Studies can be tough, and the hectic routine can take a toll on you. We admit that! The cost of education is only getting higher, and families rely on scholarships for financial aid. Stressing over grades is a common reason for depression.

It gets far worse if you hail from a strict household that expects you to succeed by hook or crook you are just starting to manage the course load. Fortunately, many resources can help you with your studies, as an essay writing service.

Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure can be best described as the slowest form of suicide. We learn how to make our way in the brave new world and interact positively during adolescence. Popularity among teens and its complete lack leads to depression.

Some people resort to substance use and alcoholism. This isn’t very pleasant for people who are laid back in their adolescence. They care more about their reputation than refusal or acceptance.

Romantic Issues

Romantic Interests could take a toll on us, especially during adolescence. Breakups or unrequited love also leads to depression.


It’s not a joke; some people are genetically predisposed to suffer from depression. If a parent or another close relative suffered from depression, they could have passed it down the heredity line.

Financial Issues

Teens are not the breadwinner or responsible for balancing the budget, but this doesn’t mean they are unaffected by the financial issues of their family. Knowing that money is an issue can be upsetting for anyone, especially when you worry about losing your home or your standard of life.

Traumatic Experiences

Death in family, mental or physical abuse among other sorts of trauma can change someone’s outlook. It can cause depression or anxiety. In case you experience something like this, you need to look for any change in your mental outlook.

Parental Issues

Divorce or Separation of parents is more common today than it used to be. The situation doesn’t leave a good impact on the emotional state of a child. Dissolution of the family including divorce or even living with a step-parent is traumatic for many teens. Hence, it’s another depression trigger.

Feeling Neglect

Physical or Emotional Neglect is perhaps the common root of depression. You could look like someone independent who don’t need anything from anyone, but you still both mental and physical attention. Lack of attention or affection from parents can often lead to depression.

Feeling Helpless

Like it or not, you will be affected by matters that are beyond your control It doesn’t matter what the issue is, it will derail you. If you continuously feel helpless or powerless, you will end up depressed.

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