XMOOR Review


Reviewed by David Savage

Starring: Melia Kreiling, Nick Blood, Mark Bonnar
Directed by: Luke Hyams
Running Time: 84 minutes (approx.)
Release Date: 25 August 2014

Georgia (Melia Kreiling) is an American documentary film maker and drags her reluctant boyfriend Matt (Nick Blood) to the remote and desolate Exmoor Moors in southern England to find the fabled Exmoor Panther after seeing a newspaper article offering a £25,000 reward for proof of the “Beast of Exmoor”.

Once in England they have to meet up with a big cat tracker/hunter called Fox (Mark Bonnar) who will take them on to the 267 square miles of the moors to track and film the cat that has been killing sheep. Fox is eccentric but has 20 years of hunting experience around the world and he will shoot on sight and kill the beast.

So the three set off on to the vast moors with a map, compass, 42 video cameras and a gun. Once on to the moors and into the forest they stumble over some dead female bodies, all tied up and murdered, in a serial killers dumping ground and all too soon the hunters become the hunted by a very different beast than the one they were hoping to find.

Overall, the film starts out ok, albeit most of is filmed in the dark making it unclear it some parts what is going on. After finding the bodies of young women the film takes on a paranoid twist and at one point introduces ghosts into the plot. The script seems to go off in several directions making it at times hard to follow, which I feel was just to pad out the film as the script just wasn’t strong enough.

A mediocre thriller/horror that turns from the hunt of a killer cat to a slasher movie in the woods. For me it wasn’t scary enough but wasn’t so bad not to watch and for some viewers will leave them on the edge of the seats.

Rating: 3.5/5

World Premiere screening is on the 25 August 2014 as part of the Film4 Frightfest 2014 at the Vue Cinema, Leicester Square, London.

3 half Star

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