Zippos Cirque Berserk Hyde Park London Review


Zippos Cirque Berserk
Winter Wonderland
Hyde Park, London

22 November 2013 – 5 January 2014

Reviewed by Lucy Zelazowski

I was honoured that I was invited as a VIP to Zippos Cirque Bersekat Hyde Park Winter Wonderland in London. I was delighted, I love the big top and I have not been to a Zippos Circus in years.

Cirque Berserk, is not our traditional circus performance, gone are animals and a ring master in the big top, this is a performance of the mind, body and soul. The showmanship is intense, big music beating heavy in the back ground, its heaving rhythm ignites the atmosphere. It's a showcase of the finest Warriors dressed for action, amazing head dresses, big bold, reminded me of the film sets from Mad Max. Fire lights-up the arena, the cracking of whips, hearty grunts and shouts show me they are having a good time.

Tamara De Silva Narrates, her costume a beautiful feathered sight, she claps to the beat and the audience follows her lead. She tells a story, a lost civilization on a quest to find a new homeland as they are the only survivors. All because of Krakatumo, the death mountain, had made the skies rain fire killing their tribe.

Los Marinhos, a couple that trusts each other with their lives, take to the arena. They are masters of the air, High Wire. It looks so easy from my seat, they are dainty on the soles of their feet but, big and strong balancing moves in the air. Even daring somersaults, no safety harnesses or nets. Truly spellbounding act.

Duo Stefaneli – Fly Silk Act, for me this was my favourite performance of the night. The Silks tied to the top of the Big Tent. Mr Stefaneli starts off by lifting Mrs Stefaneli off the ground only using his feet. The power he has in his body is incredible, she floats up like a piece of paper, effortlessly. They fold their bodies together, spin and twist in the air all with him holding them with his upper body strength, before setting her free. He entwines his arms in the silks, runs along on the edge of the arena before taking to the air, he glides around the arena like a firefly, faster and faster, magnificent to watch. I have to say this looks fun but I do not want to give all the details away.

Direct from Cuba, Tropicana Troupe stormed the floor, wowed my kids with their dare-evil lifts, flips and somersaults on teeter boards. My little ones loved Steve "Grasshopper" Bruce on his Power Stilts, he's a human insect, fun and foot loose, power jumping, like a rocket in the air and they said he looks crazy.

There is so much more, Kremena, hand balance; body of an angel, strength of 100 amazon women, this lady must live with her hands firming on the ground.

Toni & Nikol scary 'have to watch' knife throwing duo. Bam, bam, very dangerous not to be tried at home. Even smoking hot in places.

The energy they bring to the Tiki is spectacular. The make-up and costumes a beautiful sight, this is a performance like no-other. We had a great time, a magical show, so much to take in and see.

We had a VIP booth, rich red velvet curtains and comfortable chairs, worked out great for the little ones as they stood up for part of the show while watching on. Our booth came with complimentary bottle of champagne, chocolates and a lovely hostess. I recommend go VIP, it made our experience a complete package. My boyfriend and I was very impressed, my sons, 2 young boys 3 & 5 found the 45 minute show captivating throughout most important as they can become restless.

A truly amazing tribal show, fast, powerful, BERSERK!

See Zippos Cirque Berserk from 22 November 2013 until 5th January 2014
at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, W2 2UH
Performance times 7pm & 8pm
9pm on selected days
Off Peak / Peak Prices
Adult: £9.50 / £11.50
Child £6.00 / £8.00
Family £24.00 / £32.00
Concession: £8.50 / £10.50
VIP Box with Champagne £90 / £100

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Rating: 5/5

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